Road Construction Works
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With our extensive experience and skills in Civil Works, we offer our clientele design and implementation of civil and road works services this includes both in the private and public sectors. Estate Construction provides consultations to its clients on innovative cost effective methods to meet the set client budgets and estimates. 

We advise clients during the pre-construction and bidding stages of the contract, outline budget estimation and cost control measures for the initial construction phase and provide final reporting on completion as prescribed by the client.

The range of projects we undertake as Estate Construction vary in the magnitude and as outlined by the requirements from the bidding contract by the client. Our specialist team of experts are able to plan, manage and coordinate project resources for road works taking into account essential requirements such as managing traffic congestion as well as creating temporary and alternate road access points etc.

We pride ourselves on working with the local community and our consultation process ensures that any work we carry out is staged in a timely fashion that provides minimal disruption to local business or the public

Our road works construction includes but not limited to the following;

  • Asphalt Overlay
  • Road Construction
  • Road Surfacing
  • Paving and Pavements¬†
  • Culverts, Concrete Slabs and Kerbs