Vision, Mission and Values
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Our Mission is to help regional governments and the private sector to cost effectively develop infrastructure to empower nations and create an appetite for foreign direct investment by providing quality construction service, thus providing support service enabling both government and the private sector to focus on their core business functions.

  • Helping regional governments and private sector to develop cost effective infrastructure through quality based service and create a drive for foreign direct investment.


Our Vision is to become part of a globalized team of construction industry professionals that will help build the African region to world class standards through the practice of exceptional and non-conventional construction methods of the 21st Century.

  • Aim to be part of a globalized team of professionals in the construction industry and help build the Botswana and the Africa region to world class standards through the practice of exceptional and non-conventional methods of the 21st century. 


  • Continuous Improvement: Estate Construction prides itself to continuously improve on business operations, design methods and techniques. 
  • Business Integrity: Estate Construction prides itself through the practice of fair and honest business operations to its internal and external partners respectively.
  • Respect: To both Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Skills Development: To continuously develop the skills and expertise of their personnel.
  • Open Communication: Openly communicate and share information with respective stakeholders.
  • Social Responsibility: Estate Construction prides itself by being socially active in the communities they operate within. 
  • Service Excellence: Provide Top Quality Service 
  • Highly Skilled Professional and Personnel: Pride ourselves by using personnel with required skills set to undertake and manage construction and engineering projects.
  • Time and Budget: Estate Construction pride itself by working within the given budget and time to successfully complete projects.
  • Flexibility, Humility and Attainability