Building Construction
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Our Building Construction works consist of a step by step program to deliver projects and infrastructure of the highest quality through the use of specialized materials, methods and practices. Our Building Construction Team is made up of highly skilled technical professionals with vast experience to deliver projects of such magnitude. 

Our building construction activities also involve the use of specialized construction plant and equipment to effectively and successfully complete construction projects in the given timeframes and as specified in the building construction requirements. 

Prior to the commencement of any construction project we at Estate Construction take it upon ourselves to develop manageable budget estimates, provide further consultation with clients and sub-contractors on the given project, as well as be in the position to monitor the availability of materials to avoid any construction delays. Communication systems have been put in place to provide for the continuous monitoring and reporting to the relevant clients and stakeholders. Any revisions or schedule updates can be followed through at any given time during the construction phase of each project that we undertake as a company. 
Estate Construction has developed a 3 phase plan to manage building construction projects from the initial bidding stage to the commencement and completion of the construction project. 

This 3 Phase plan involves the following areas;

Schematic Phase : This involves selecting the required project team to undertake and manage the project. Reviewing the given project requirements and developing a concise program of works for the construction project that will be continuously followed through at every stage. 

Site Evaluation: To get an in-depth understanding of the project site by reviewing the project requirements. Assessing, analyzing and verifying key project components such as soil tests, water, sewage and electrical connections and lines. As well as assessing all given zoning and environmental requirements of the building projects. 

Bidding Document and Procurement Phase: In this phase of the initial construction we as Estate Construction prior to undertaking any project we develop and prepare the construction bid documents as prescribed in the bidding form requirements. Facilitate and mobilize the project team, sub-contractors and suppliers. Prepare a concise project management, reporting and quality control system for the construction project.

Submitting all bidding documents for clients and owners. 

This area involves a range of activities or aspects of building construction which include any of the following;

  • Building Design and Construction
  • Structural and Steel Works
  • Brick work 
  • Finishing: Roofing, Plastering, Painting, Partitioning, Ceilings, Tiling and Plumbing works.

Our building construction services involves the development of;

  • Shopping Centers and Malls
  • Office Buildings and warehouses 
  • School building and staff housing
  • Clinics and hospitals 
  • Townhouses, Flats and Multi Residential Property
  • Bus Terminals