Bridges and Culverts
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Estate Construction is competent in the construction and delivery of bridges and culverts through our extensive technical expertise in structural civil works. Our personnel are able to undertake such projects with competency and resilience to give our clientele a second to none experience. 

As part and just one of the many achievements of operating in the region we can attest that, Estate Construction has performed and executed exceptional bridge network connection linking both the Botswana and South African region providing convenience and accessibility for citizens of both nations. Through articulate planning and management, we promise to deliver projects of the highest quality with exceptional cost control measure put in place to save both time and money for the client.

We, as a company can also provide maintenance of dilapidated bridge projects to give them a new face lift and have them in good condition and working order. Furthermore, our bridge structures are able to with stand the most unbearable weather conditions and natural disasters whilst being able to carry the heaviest vehicles or weights, thus they vary in size, complexity, carrying capacity, structural elements and lastly materials used in the construction process. 

We pride ourselves that we have the capability and available machinery that has the competency to deliver a range of bridge projects many of which include but are not limited to the list below;

  • Highway Bridges
  • Beam Bridges
  • Small to Large Scale Drainage Culverts

In carrying out these bridge and culvert projects we take much consideration on the impact of the environment and use the best possible practices that we have adopted as a company to ensure that prior to construction and upon completion all consideration has been made to safely protect the ecosystem from any harmful factors.